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CM130M Dual Band Mirror Mount Trucker Antenna
CM130M Dual Band Mirror Mount Trucker Antenna

For mobile cell phones in trucks, RV and boats at 800/850MHz, 1900MHz and iDEN!

Mounting Kit Included!

  • 30-day customer satisfaction.
  • Free 2-year limited manufacturer warranty included.

CM130M Dual Band Mirror Mount Trucker Antenna is the most advanced antenna of its kind. It will drastically improve your cell phone signal reception and reduce dropped calls.

CM130M Dual Band Mirror Mount Trucker Antenna will improve your cell phone signal up to ten times better while you are driving.

CM130M Dual Band Mirror Mount Trucker Antenna will reduce microwave radiation into your ear and head by channeling all wireless signal power out though itself as the cell phone external antenna.

Mounting Details:
Complete mounting kit included. The entire assembly can be mounted to the mirror. The antenna should be mounted with the chrome tip pointing toward the sky (perpendicular to the ground). Built in ground plane allows for use on any surfaces like, metal, fiberglass, wood, etc. Easy to install!

Frequency RangeCellular Band / PCS Band / IDEN Band
Input Impedance50-ohm
Antenna Gain3-dB
VSWRless than 1.8
Polarization TypeVertical
Connector TypeFME Female
Antenna CableRG58
Cable OD5.0-mm
MountMounting KIT included
Ground PlaneBuilt-in ground plane
Connect your phone to the external antenna adapter cable:
  1. Not all cell phone models have external antenna adapter port.
  2. For those that do have the port, find the proper external antenna adapter cable. Connect one end of the external antenna adapter cable to your cell phone. Connect the other end to the antenna cable.
  3. We offer the following types of external antenna adapter cables:
    1. Part No. 359909 for Motorola, LG and Samsung Mobile Cell Phones.
    2. Part No. 359914 for Nokia and Sony Ericsson Mobile Cell Phones.
    3. Part No. 352015 for Motorola RAZR V3 series Cell phones.
  4. To further improve cell phone signal in your vehicle, you can combine thie magnet antenna CM200 with Wireless 40dB Cell Phone Antenna Power Repeater or Dual Band 19db Cell Phone Antenna Power Booster for Vehicle

This dual band cell phone antenna works with all major wireless network carriers in North America.

U.S. wireless carriers:
AT&T Wireless (Cingular), Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Alltel, Sprint / Nextel, Metro-PCS and US Cellular, etc.

Canada wireless carriers:
TELUS mobility, Bell mobility and Rogers, etc.

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CM130M Dual Band Mirror Mount Trucker Antenna

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